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Have You Heard About Fracking??

In our previous blog (Oil Prices, Predictions, And How They Can Affect You!!!), hydraulic fracturing (otherwise known as fracking) was mentioned as an alternative, if somewhat controversial, way of extracting oil.  This method has been used more and more in the USA over the past ten years, but unfortunately, as you may have heard, fracking has been reported to come with a number of hazards.  Many of these reported risks directly affect our environment, so as you can imagine there is often much debate over whether or not it should be allowed.


foilage around oil tank

The Key Steps Behind Good Oil Tank Maintenance

A False Sense of Security!
Many people seem to fall short when it comes down to good old-fashioned oil tank maintenance.  Yes, it has become apparent through OFTEC’s service results that surprising amounts of tank owners are in fact neglecting their oil tankers.  This is usually due to the long working lives that these tanks provide (most last around 15 years) which gives owners the false impression that they can just leave them be and everything will be fine, WRONG!  There are in fact several different kinds of problems that can arise from keeping a disregarded oil tank on your property.


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Country Living Part 2...Energy Saving Tips

Just to quickly recap, in the first Country Living blog I talked mainly about oil fired boilers, giving some useful tips for saving energy and preserving your home heating oil.  Well now I am back again, this time with even more cost-effective ideas that can be put to use in your homes in order for you to save some of those precious pounds and pennies!


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Are more people set to switch to oil?

Heating oil is becoming more and more of a sensation throughout the UK as kerosene prices remain low which could help lead to a much greater oil powered conversion rate for home heating than ever before.  OFTEC has predicted that many of the households that are currently using LPG and electricity will start switching over to oil to save on the pennies.


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Country Living Part 1...Energy Saving Tips

There are many ways you can save on your spends by living the good old country life, that is for sure!  For a start housing is most definitely cheaper and you are more than likely going to spend a lot less on your food and clothes due to the lack of overpriced city stores.  Yes, there are literally tons of reasons why country living strikes such an appeal to thousands every year and that’s just based around the costs alone.  However, one of the main expenses that you are likely to encounter will probably be your home heating oil.


So bearing this in mind, I have decided to come up with some useful tips that can help you save on the consumption of that precious fuel!


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