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Decline In Heating Oil Theft

NFU Mutual have recently released their findings from the 2016 Rural Crime Report. The data shows that heating oil theft declined dramatically throughout 2015 meaning it is no longer one of the top 5 most stolen items and oil theft is no longer one of the top 5 rural crimes.

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Say Hello to Ollie!

Some of our eagle-eyed have noticed a few changes on the HomeFuels Direct site. Whilst we’ve made some big improvements to the site we’ve recently hired a new member of staff – Ollie!

In this blog post learn about the recent changes we've made to make HomeFuels Direct #TheEasierWay.



What are heating oil additives?

If you’ve never tried using our AdMAX or AgaMax additives in your heating oil you could really be missing out. Since we started offering these they’ve proved to be really popular and can really help with your boiler performance and efficiency.



The effect of Brexit on Heating Oil Prices

In the wake of Britain’s EU referendum we saw crude oil prices drop, along with a drop in share price of other commodities and the price of the pound. Although these sudden drops caused some concern we’re already seeing things rise again.


Smart Meter on Kitchen Top

How smart are smart meters?

At HomeFuels Direct we stock a wide range of technologies to monitor your oil contents. Our more basic systems offer a simple fuel level display whilst our more intelligent systems can measure your oil consumption on a daily basis. We’ve created this blog to help you understand the differences and to help you decide which monitor would be best for you!


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View AllTo get the best possible performance from your heating oil we supply a range of oil additives and tank accessories direct from our shop and you can even get a great deal on a new oil storage tank, boiler insurance or boiler servicing.

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