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Tighter Security! Part 1...

oil tank gauge

There are many ways in which to defend your oil tank from passing thieves, and last time I talked through some of the basic, cost - effective procedures.  However, now it’s time to get down to the real knitty gritty behind enhanced security measures and take a look at a bespoke range of products that offer you more than just a peace of mind, that’s for sure.

Sound the Alarm!!
An effective way to keep track of your oil is to use a remote electronic oil gauge that detects drops in oil and then alerts owners by triggering an alarm that is usually situated indoors.  It is normal for the alarm to go off if the oil in the tank suddenly begins to drop or if it drops below a quarter of the way full.  If you happen to be out and about fairly often then there are similar alarms you can purchase which instead deliver all of your alerts personally through text messages.
You Get what You Pay For...
Padlocks can act as excellent forms of defence but please remember that thieves will more than likely be equipped with tools to break through such protective items, notoriously carrying the ever-popular burglars’ bolt croppers.  In order to avoid the disappointment of oil tank break-ins, it would be wise to invest in a close shackle padlock. This special type of padlock has a lot more resistance than the average cap or lock as the shackle is barely exposed, making it extremely difficult for bolt croppers to provide a decent grip.  The more you are willing to pay for a padlock, the finer quality it is going to be, simple!
Come back next week for advice on even tighter home security!  If you are willing to go that extra mile then you simply must hear about tactical gardening and how it can make your tanker storage area impenetrable to prowling crooks!


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