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Tighter Security! Part 2

wireless security camera

Well here I am again talking about the wonderful ways to protect your heating oil.  We have already covered the basics as well as some of the more bespoke methods, but now it’s time to unveil the real enhanced techniques behind home security!!

Tactical Gardening!
If you are an active person then you might fancy taking on some defensive planting and fitting as these productive techniques are fantastic ways of providing top home security for your oil tankers.
Thieves are reluctant to force themselves through prickly hedges as DNA is easily left behind for police to track them down. Walls and fences are also decent for providing protection but you must remember that your heating oil delivery driver will need to have access to your tank. To improve matters further you could place a metal cage or grill across the top of the wall or fence with a lockable access point.
Lights, Camera’s, but Hopefully No Action!
Security lights also serve as effective barriers for home invasions.  They instantly draw attention towards properties, although it is best to use low energy lights in order to avoid irritating your neighbours with bright jets of light shinning through their windows!  You could also add CCTV to your defences, as this is an excellent tool in the field of crime prevention.  Cameras will scare off many burglars but remember that you will need to position them where there is a reasonable amount of light, or purchase ones that can operate well at night.  Digital recording is by far the most superior way of capturing any evidence that may need to be passed on to police.
Well if you have applied some of the security measures I have been talking about then your heating oil should now be much safer and you shouldn’t have to worry so much about oil thieves dipping into your supply!  However, I advise you to be careful and never take it for granted that you won’t be targeted as unfortunately there will always be thieves out there, especially when crude oil prices are on the rise! With that in mind, it is always a good idea to turn off your control switches when your tanks are not in use!!  Keep the burglars at bay people!!


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