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Country Living Part 1...Energy Saving Tips

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There are many ways you can save on your spends by living the good old country life, that is for sure!  For a start housing is most definitely cheaper and you are more than likely going to spend a lot less on your food and clothes due to the lack of overpriced city stores.  Yes, there are literally tons of reasons why country living strikes such an appeal to thousands every year and that’s just based around the costs alone.  However, one of the main expenses that you are likely to encounter will probably be your home heating oil.


So bearing this in mind, I have decided to come up with some useful tips that can help you save on the consumption of that precious fuel!

Can you feel the heat?
Lets start with something basic that is guaranteed to reduce your overall oil expenditure, checking your devices!!  It is very important to make sure your thermostat is working accurately as this prevents heat wastage from taking place.   Oil fired boilers also have their own thermostat but it is not recommended that you attempt to adjust its controls without the help of an OFTEC registered engineer.   If your boiler has not been serviced for some time then it may be running at a much higher temperature than necessary.  This will cause you to burn through undesired amounts of your fuel supply so best keep on top of your boiler maintenance!  For example, boilers that haven’t been serviced or perhaps haven’t been set up correctly often run at temperatures of 80-90 degrees.  For most boilers this is completely unnecessary as running much lower levels of 65-70 degrees is generally acceptable.  You could also try turning your thermostat down a touch at times when it’s not so cold!

So there you have it, some more than useful suggestions for keeping your fuel usage down to a minimum!  For further information regarding energy saving tips be sure to keep an eye out for the next Country Living blog, in which I will be talking about insulation and cost effective light bulbs!!


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