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Heating Oil in Shetland

The sixteen inhabited isles of Shetland, with its subarctic climes means people there need heating oil and cannot afford to pay through the nose for something essential.Its location means there is a need for heating oil. When you factor in an unregulated market, that need can be expensive. Heating oil prices are predicted to rise, and you can't afford to be without warmth in the Scottish winter. So why not let HomeFuels Direct work something out for you? Their experience and great professional relationships with heating oil suppliers adds up to great savings for their customers. If you want to get on board, enter a postcode and the amount of heating oil you wish to order, and marvel at the savings available to you, thanks to HomeFuels Direct. They're waiting to put their expertise to your use and utility in these harsh, uncertain times.

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500 Litres 900 Litres
PPL Ex VAT: 61.89 p 60.89 p
Total inc VAT: £324.92 £575.41