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Heating Oil Carbon Offsetting

At HomeFuels Direct, we truly care about the environment. We also appreciate that a lot of our customers are those that live in rural areas, to whom our environment is extremely important. With that in mind we've partnered with a leading carbon offsetting provider, enabling our customers to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is emitted into the atmosphere when they burn heating oil.


Offset CO2 when you order

We've made it easy as possible for you to offset too - once you've received your heating oil quote you'll see an instant calculation in your basket, showing you exactly how much it will cost to offset each litre, and you might be surprised at the price! Just as we pass on our bulk buying heating oil savings to our customers, we do the same with our offsetting - that means it costs just 3p per litre to offset. Click Instant Quote below to receive an instant heating oil and carbon offsetting quote.

Instant Quote

Offset CO2 from old orders

Whilst it's great to offset the carbon from orders going forward, we're aware that some customers want to offset the CO2 released from the heating oil they've burned from previous orders. To help make that easier we've created a feature where you can input how many litres you'd like to offset and you can purchase that specific amount! Click Offset Old Orders below to get started!

Offset Old Orders